WTH: Nevada structural concrete engineer needed to get ICF plans approved

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I am the owner/builder for my 4000sqft retirement house in Reno Nevada (Storey County) and I need a licensed structural engineer that can get my ICF design from CA HomeDesigner 2021 onto paper that I can submit to Storey County for approval (NV engineering stamp required). 


I am in seismic zone 4/D, will need 120p sqft snow load (30static/90snow) and 120-125mph wind rating.


I've kept the design really simple as my goal is to just get the exterior structural portions, plumbing and basic electric done. My 30years in the military didn't make me rich so I'm pinching pennies and will be doing much of the work myself. The interior (everything not load bearing) will get done over the years as I can afford it. The reason for concrete is that I'm in a fire zone and I will eat the initial add'l expense of ICF to avoid needing many of the other trades like drywall/stucco etc (it's hard to get the trades/subs up to the build location). In my 20s I built a 4story condo project out of aircrete so I think I can handle ICF with some good concrete contractors. The reason for ICF is because I'm up at 6900ft MSL and getting form work up there is a pain (so ICF will be the form) and the tricky part of the design is 20ft tall 4000sqft walkout basement (10ft in ground on 3side).


To me a bonus would be if you have: 
1) CA Pro so I can share files easily

2) experienced with concrete construction (like light industrial or commercial)

2) experience with ICF like Nudura or BuildBlock (it's all just concrete as the foam has no load bearing capacity and is just form work)

3) experience with ICF/deck ceilings/roof as I prefer flat roof for the view decks (snow load may be an issue although its just insulation ... we have 20days of snow on average as it is HIghDesert)

4) experience with Helix additive or Basal Re-bar. 


Pic1 depicts concept without windows (of which there will many) as you see in pic2 with the hip/gable roof ... the support columns I drew as 3x3 ICF square but in reality the engineer will have to tell me how those should be as they are spaced to accommodate the ICF deck span of 30ft. Pic3 is basically all I want as I'm not a fan of attics but realize there may be reason why flat roof will not be optimal. 


If you're experienced with ICF and use CA Pro BUT not licensed in Nevada I might still need you to get the plans ready for an engineer who can stamp the final plans for Storey Co. NV. 


a ROM cost or hourly rate in your reply would be helpful as well. 

4980 Basic Walk Out basement concept.JPG

4980DryGulch 011 compro v1.JPG

4980DryGulch 006 compro v1.JPG

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