Can we douplicate the Insulation box object

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I was wondering.

Making blocks to simulate (2d detailing) metal framed wall studs, I use a rectangle & 2 interior lines with a short dash line style.

This works well but is there a way to add the punched flat oval or rectangle AND have it stretch line insulation does?

The insulation maintains it's symmetry. Currently, I use several blocks at different lengths & I can stretch them a little without distorting the oval too much.



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Instead of using several blocks and stretching them, build one extra tall stud out of 2 separate but overlapping closed polylines....




...then simply trim to length using another polyline instead of stretching.  Just group select the main 2, click polyline subtraction, then click the trimming piece...



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Thanks for the lesson on pline subtraction.

I suppose I could block the remaining objects so I can make fine adjustments to the length.


Too bad we can not create the Insulation block though.


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