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10 minutes ago, ChiefuserMathews said:

Hi Michael, that I was trying to recreate my wall. But that is not the issue


I think you're going to have to do a better job explaining your problem then because I don't understand what you're asking.

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4 minutes ago, ChiefuserMathews said:

Hi Michael,

If you look into my level 0 ( I have clouded now) why the foundation walls is not appearing opposed to other foundation walls on the other garage walls. New Plan attached

delete-garage wall.plan


Okay, I see.  It looks like you're talking about the Concrete Cutouts for the doors.  If you don't want to show them, open your doors, click on the Framing tab, and under where it says Add For Concrete Cutout, uncheck Show In Plan.

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    • By lucratect
      In my plan I need most of the foundation to be a monolithic slab except in areas where there are pipes such as the bathroom.  I am trying to figure out how to cut a hole in a foundation that I have generated in CA with the foundation tool, but when I try the "slab hole with footing" and the "Hole in floor platform" tools I get errors. "could not create hole in floor platform" and "a slab hole must be placed inside a slab".  
      To elaborate on the foundation, it will be piers 4ft into the ground then a normal monolithic slab and footings will be poured on top of the piers.  The footings and slab will sit about 24" above the existing terrain where the piers tops also are.  The soil cap will be course gravel and basecourse on which the slab will be poured.  The bathrooms and other rooms with piping will be to the outside of the building and there will be a crawlspace below those areas to service pipes.
      I am hoping someone has experience with this and can help me.  I've scoured the forums and spent hours in CA to no avail!
    • By DomaniHomeDesign
      This is the first home my team and I have created in Chief Architect (converting from SoftPlan) and we're stuck still trying to figure out if there's a way to show a foundation only plan in the layout using the "walkout" basement, level 0. We end up with the full framed walls showing on top of the 4' stem foundation walls, no interior footings for the interior bearing walls, and a stone veneer on the framed wall above that isn't supported by the foundation wall.
      If anyone can offer information on how to get just a true, basic foundation plan in our plan set/layout that would be fantastic! The (nearly complete) floor plan is zipped up and provided below.
      Warnier, Adam &
    • By Darrellx
      I'm using home designed pro 2021.
      Circled in the picture below is the area unfilled between the lower and upper roof where there is no wall.  I can extend the wall inward toward the peak to close the gap, but then area below the gap is closed off.  I've experimented, googled, and watched a bunch of video tutorials on roofs.  Actually seemed like one of the tutorial videos had a similar issue, but the instructor kinda glossed over it and changed to pitch on one roof to make it look a little better before moving on.

      After banging my head for a few days, hoping someone has the answer.
      (plan is also attached for the image)
    • By chiefuser70
      Hello all,
      I am a fairly new user to Chief, but I have graphic design and 3D experience in other applications that seem to parlay well in Chief.
      I am using Version X12.
      I have been working on several projects and all of them have the floor joists sitting on a framed wall making the top of the joist even with the green plate.
      To illustrate my end goal, I created what I am trying to do in my 'visual' 3D app, so it is not to scale or anything, but I am having a tough time making this happen in CA.
      I get close with the the offset footing and stem wall, but I cannot figure out how to add the framing on the 7" side of the footing?
      I also noticed there is an error where when you add a framed footing, it will show up like a solid piece of lumber until you rebuild the framing, and then it will look correct like it does in my 3D mockup.
      Has anyone created a conditioned crawl like this, with the framing on the footing? I see in architectural guides that they just normally pour an L shaped stem wall and rest the joists on that L shelf, but there is something with the R factor and by adding the framed wall and then the foam it makes this other method better, or so I have been told.
      Thank you for any suggestions. My current solution is just to draw out a normal footing and then just have the cad detail show what it really should be.

    • By AAZeiset
      I am needing to show a 12 inch brick ledge on this foundation. Any ideas how to get rid of the small portion of foundation wall building up on the right side?? Maybe its a simple fix that I am overlooking... Any suggestions are welcome!
      Thanks in advance,
      A Zeiset