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I am creating an original plan, and I have the floorplan essentially competed.  I tend to be very longwinded, but I'll try to keep this concise.  When I autobuild my roofs, the are outrageously complex.  I just want to create a simpler roof than it is giving me.  A 4/12 or a 6/12 would be fine... a mix of hip and gable, so long as it is attractive.


This is the first plan I've created that have wings that are not just right angles.  (All angles are either 90 or 45 degrees).  Having these wings at 45 degree angles has complicated my project significantly, but there must be a way to adjust the roof in a way that is attractive without being so complex.


I am attaching a few screenshots, as well as the plan itself.


On one of the images I have circled the areas of my primary concern in orange, and the areas of lesser concern in yellow.  The orange ones are the ones that I am most bothered by.


I would really like to have a peaked ceiling in the livingroom, from front to back, and possibly have that ceiling carried through the entry as well (though smaller of course)... but that is something that can be addressed later.


I am using Chief Premier X11, and I believe my computer specs should show up in my signature.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance,







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15 minutes ago, DMJRestorations said:

When I autobuild my roofs


Especially with plans with off angle walls, you must keep the roof in mind as the plan develops. 


For roofs like this one, Chief will almost never auto build what you want, so you need to do it manually.


I'd start by making changes to the plan to facilitate drawing the roof -- and there are lots of changes to the plan I'd make without considering the roof.


Do you need the angles? 

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I'd move the right side garage wing to the right if possible, and I pushed some walls around on the left side without considering the plan, lowered the ceiling height in the angled wings.







If possible, I try to do angled wings like this, essentially bending the wing at an angle instead of intersecting the house at an angle. Roof is much cleaner.



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A technique that you see done on a lot of Florida homes (which tend to have a lot of offsets and angles) is to incorporate covered porches and verandas to square off the plan and make the roof lines potentially simpler.


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