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Hello, I am new to this software and have only been using it for two days.  I have created a moderately complex floorplan and realized much later that I have an issue that  I could use some help fixing. 

The main house is one level.  I would like to raise the ceilings on the first floor in most of the house.  The garage is two story with an overall height restriction of 25' so it cant change.  Since I have a minimum height it the lower garage section it can't change either.  Everything was drawn at the same level.  I would like to have 11' ceilings in the house and lower the 2nd level of entry tower by 24", while leaving the garage as drawn.  


Any suggestions in accomplishing this are appreciated.



Chief Plan v5a.plan

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I would change the defaults.

Go Default Settings>Floors and Rooms>Floor Levels>1st Floor>Absolute Elevations>Ceiling - change it to 11'.

This is the beauty of using Defaults.

This will also change the garage ceiling height as well, but just open the garage dbx and change it back to the original height.

Auto rebuild the roof as the existing ones will be too low - or you could raise the existing ones, but I would prefer to use auto roofs which would be left on all the time.

It looks like you may have used auto roofs and then turned auto off.

You can auto build a roof over the front colonade - make the front wall a hip wall and the end walls High Shed/Gable.


There are many ways to do what you want, but this should get you going pretty easily.

You will probably have a bit of cleaning up to do and maybe things like rebuilding the framing, etc. 

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Thank you for your help.  I went through this and it did work out.  It did leave quite a bit of cleanup to do, but faster than redrawing the whole thing.

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