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  1. Thank you both. The info is exactly what I needed. @Alaskan_Son you went above and beyond, by doing it. Thank you very much.
  2. Is there anyone that can convert/split this 3D object so I can add it to the library? I have imported the whole object, but I really only want the fence to put on top of a wall. I included a screenshot so you have an idea of what I need. If there is an easy way to do this in side CA, let me know. I would need it to be 6'4" wide. Wrought Iron Fence.objWrought Iron Fence.objWrought Iron Fence.obj Thanks, Gary Wrought Iron Fence.stl
  3. Thank you everyone, it was both changing the middle column width to get the text wrap and workaround of the "known issue" of the end column that helped me. I appreciate your taking time to help. Gary
  4. Thanks, I thought I was doing something wrong when the end column kept messing it up. I didn't try the middle columns after that. I appreciate your time to look at it.
  5. Hoping someone can help figure out how to change this. I did this a while ago, by pasting excel cells into a regular text box. I am not sure how I manipulated the grid to allow for more than one line of text in the header box, but can't seem to recreate it in another similar table. Also, if I try to shrink the last column "Length" it reverts to one line. What are the controlling factors for this? I have attached a Layout and the table pic in question. Solar B.layoutSolar B.layout Thanks, Gary Solar B.layout
  6. @rgardnerit was the roof layer and attic wall layers that were turned off. Thanks everyone for looking at this. Sorry, if I wasted anyone's time.
  7. it is back clipping somehow. It does it with "All Layers ON" in the active display options. Lewis Home 11-16-2020.zip
  8. @rgardner nothing there. @solver I did. I even went up to 3D and let it create a auto front elevation;
  9. After just reading about someone with broken toolbars, I decided to check a previous version if this drawing. It doesn't have any issues and work like normal.
  10. Has anyone seen this before. It was working fine. I made some changes to the drawing and when I update the Layout i get a clipped elevation. I created a new camera and I still get the same thing. The drawing is large, so I thought I would start with screen shots first. Old camera: Refresh after update view: I have looked in the defaults for the camera, the camera itself, but everything looks normal. Not sure where else to begin. Thanks, Gary
  11. @ChopsawThank you so much, that did the trick.
  12. I am trying to understand the labeling system in CA. If I add a new device, I can create a label a half dozen different ways, and all of them seem to work. If I decide to create a schedule with that item, still no problem. As soon as I add another item to the plan, which is then included in the schedule, the labels change to schedule labels generated by CA. I can't seem to turn them off in any form that still allow the original label to be displayed. Is there a trick to removing the schedule labels from the layout. I am trying to perform an as-built system inventory of a customer's site. They want an equipment schedule and this seems like it should be easy enough.
  13. I changed the structure on the lower wall to stop at the ceiling above and it seems to have fixed it, but the upper and lower framing did not seem right. I did what you said and all looks good. Thank you. I did see that cross at the coordinates, but not sure what it is. How do I get rid of that, if its a problem? Thank you for your time @Chopsaw
  14. @Chopsawthank you, I did see the ballooning and turned it on and off with no change in effect. I am starting to wonder if it is because part of the garage is open below.
  15. @Chopsawthat is not checked on either floor.