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  1. Apollosg

    Wall not framing

    I changed the structure on the lower wall to stop at the ceiling above and it seems to have fixed it, but the upper and lower framing did not seem right. I did what you said and all looks good. Thank you. I did see that cross at the coordinates, but not sure what it is. How do I get rid of that, if its a problem? Thank you for your time @Chopsaw
  2. Apollosg

    Wall not framing

    @Chopsawthank you, I did see the ballooning and turned it on and off with no change in effect. I am starting to wonder if it is because part of the garage is open below.
  3. Apollosg

    Wall not framing

    @Chopsawthat is not checked on either floor.
  4. Apollosg

    Wall not framing

    I have a wall on the back of the garage - 2nd floor that is not framing. I didn't notice it until I tried to place a window in the wall and the stud wont go away. Can someone help me out with this? Window_Problem.zip
  5. Apollosg

    Curved soffit

    How do I draw a curved soffit? I have tried a few different things with mixed results. 1. I drew an invisible curved wall, that enclosed the space to be a separate room. This framed the wall correctly (somewhat) for the drawings but the wall doesn't show up on the 3D view. 2. Created a polyline solid, curved the face and changed type to drywall. This created the exact look I wanted in 3D, but there is no framing on the framing layer. Should I have put this on the "Cabinet - Soffit" layer when converting? Also trying to make this a trey ceiling with a -12' value. It created the lower framing, but created an error. 3. Tried everything I could think of with pony walls and railings, but they still confuse me a bit. 4. Used the cabinet soffit tool. This does not seem to allow for curves and odes not create framing. Do you ignore framing and create a detail drawing? As a new user I am still trying to understand the correct way to achieve things in CA. Gary
  6. Apollosg

    Window Grill Help

    @DavidJPotter Thank you. That is exactly what I need.
  7. Apollosg

    Window Grill Help

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to draw window grills. I have attached a picture of what I am thinking of.
  8. Apollosg

    Tray ceiling not framing

    I am having an issue with my tray ceilings. They render correctly in 3D, but the ceiling framing never generates. I have been through all of the tutorials and checked all my settings. I even turned back on auto build framing. I lowered the ceiling height in the rooms prior to creating the tray, so it would not affect the trusses. Do I have to hand draw this?
  9. Apollosg

    Changing ceiling height

    Glenn, Thank you for your help. I went through this and it did work out. It did leave quite a bit of cleanup to do, but faster than redrawing the whole thing.
  10. Apollosg

    Changing ceiling height

    Hello, I am new to this software and have only been using it for two days. I have created a moderately complex floorplan and realized much later that I have an issue that I could use some help fixing. The main house is one level. I would like to raise the ceilings on the first floor in most of the house. The garage is two story with an overall height restriction of 25' so it cant change. Since I have a minimum height it the lower garage section it can't change either. Everything was drawn at the same level. I would like to have 11' ceilings in the house and lower the 2nd level of entry tower by 24", while leaving the garage as drawn. Any suggestions in accomplishing this are appreciated. Chief Plan v5a.plan