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I am creating a 3D visual for a client but here is my issue

  the plans I received are in metric so I opted for the metric template BUT the roof plans are regular pitch (ie) 10:12 etc.. How do I change back and forth.  I went into Default for Roof Dimensions and opted for secondary format but pitch still shows as metric.. I AM NOT A METRIC PERSON

How can I adjust this.  Can I change my template and not lose my  information if I convert it to imperial 


Thanks in advance


Here are the two different roof specifications ( i prefer the imperial ) 

the roof plan  shows various roof planes .  hoping I can get this completed


I managed to convert my metric to imperial measures but my roof plane specification is still showing mm:( any suggestions


some of the roof planes are \16:12    14:12   10:12  11:12



imperial roof specificaiton.JPG

metric roof specification.JPG

roof plan.jpg

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Open the General Plan Defaults and uncheck "Show Pitch as Degrees".

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If you change the general plan default, you should be able to specify the pitch as the # mm / 1000 mm rather than as degrees in both the Build Roof dialog and in the Roof Plane dialog.  This value will still need to be entered in mm.


if you need to convert an imperial pitch into metric, you will probably need to do the math.  pitch in mm = pitch in inches / 12 * 1000.  For example, 10:12 = 833:1000


See pictures below:


roof plane dialog.png

build roof.png

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