room under garage wt swt


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2 minutes ago, robdyck said:

I know. I just ain't downloading anything for that one file.


Nothing to download.  You just extract the files online.  Takes a few seconds.  Here you go...


Centre dévelopement alimentaire pour présentation (




Centre dévelopement alimentaire pour présentation.plan

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SOL...I don't have X10. A few notes:

  • ensure your foundation walls are aligned with the main floor walls
  • foundation walls will need to have "hang floor platform above on wall" checked in the Structure Tab.
  • Main floor walls will need to be a pony wall with the lower wall matching the foundation walls, aligned at the "Main Layer Outside", and an elevation of 6"

CAD editing will still need to be done in section view but the model will be correct.


Otherwise, if you absolutely want the foundation wall to extend up 6" with out using a pony wall on the main floor, you'll need to manually adjust the top of the foundation wall and the bottom of the main floor wall.

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