How to make custom appliances ?


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1 hour ago, hamedDesighn said:

how we can define this as an appliance to cabins?

Just place the object(s) in plan, select them all, convert to symbol. If you are in X11 or 12 (maybe 10 but don't remembger-prior versions you need to place in a blank plan and shoot a 3D view) To make appliance make symbol type fixture interior, then options inserts into a cabinet. I'd personally make it a cabinet door in this case but that would take a little more fiddling with origins and such. You'll want to read up on custom symbols, origins, bounding boxes, stretch zones and planes.

THEN you will have to mess with the cabinet to get the side open like that-OR use multiple cabinets-or use psolids-AND you have to decide how you want to deal with the side panel. Can use solids, another cabinet, bunch of custom doors. Will be a bit fussy. Here's is a real quick version that still needs the origin set.image.thumb.png.6c08cb0213136c702d4b7b379c2e0e72.png


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Thought about this last night. Might want to just size the vase, turn into symbol fixture interior-options none and lock the size, alter the origin and use it as a shelf.

The tricky part is how you do the cabinet, which would depend on how often you need the parts again.


Just a note-life will be simpler working the program if you don't use ever so slightly off angle walls (for just half a degree). Note them, draw a colored cad line if you need a reminder but leave the walls square.

Quick 2.plan

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