Missing wall - Different interior ceiling heights


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You can see from the first pic that I am missing the wall that joins the two different ceiling heights.  I know I fixed this before but am having a brain fart on how I did it.  I also attached the wall specs.  Any help is appreciated.



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8 hours ago, Kbird1 said:


Perhaps unchecking  "Invisible" may help ?



Ugh... that was it and then put a doorway in [smacks head].  It was a little bit more tricky for the divide where one of the rooms was angled as the door casing cannot be angled.  I had to put a wall in the go to 3D view and raise the wall to the lower ceiling and also make the ceiling in the lower "room" a soffit (Use Soffit Surface for Ceiling Checkbox).  All is well... THANKS!

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