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This is a strange question.  Let me get this straight...You want to disable your only method of filtering through objects?  How do you expect to ever be able to sort through things that are stacked on top of each other?

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You probably don't really want to disable the Select Next Object (tab) tool.  You probably just need to learn how to use it less.


Are you using both and left and right mouse buttons to select objects?  A left mouse click will only select objects based on your current mode and a right click will select anything just like being in Select Objects ("arrow") mode.


Are you always clicking on the right area of the object you want?  Different objects have different hot spots and how close you are to them will affect their priority.  If you want to select something that is based on a polyline, it is usually better to click on one of the edges rather than in the center.  If you are trying to select an architectural object, it can sometimes be better to click as close as you can to the center. 


Are you using layer sets to simplify the view you are working in?  You can put objects on appropriate layers and switch your views based on what you are working on, For example, if you are working on roofs, then you probably don't want to see your cabinets so they should be turned off and then you can't accidentally select them.  If you need to see objects but you don't want to accidentally select them, then just lock the layer they are on.


And if all else fails, zoom in closer before trying to select something.


I also recommend reviewing this video which covers left vs right click:


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