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Ive never had this happen in Chief before.  In full camera the house appears, in full perspective overview its only the backdrop??!!   Is there a button on some dbx that I selected to have it disappear??  Since 2003 using Chief Ive never seen this before.


If its not a simple fix Im going to go ahead and use the full camera because Im in a time crunch and cant spend the time diagnosing it but wanted to ask if anyone has had this happen before.



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Actually this is a rather common problem that new users often make (I guess you are just luckier than most). What happens is that during the editing and creating process, one accidentally usually, places a segment of wall, CAD Line etc, quite a distance from the main structure. Especially overview cameras are pre-programmed to "include" all visible objects when creating an overview view, so any and all visible objects placed a distance from the main structure create a view that "includes" the structure and any other visible objects along with the main structure which often then gives one a "Blank Screen" thereafter. That is caused by the extreme viewpoint necessary to include all visible objects in the camera view..


The remedy is to find the errant object using "Marque-Select" searches around the house or main structure to find and delete the errant object and thus return expected behavior to those camera views that are so pre-programmed. Take a look and I bet that you WILL find some unintended object somewhere in your plan view (just do not delete anything that is supposed to be there). 


The above IS the most common cause for your specific complaint.



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Thanks David... your answering all my posts today!  


Yeah this has never happened to me on this scale.  Ive once before had a small object off from the house maybe 300' but it was not a big deal to see the house.  This situation just as I was about to call it a day, I scrolled out so far on the screen a tip of a ballpoint pen would be larger then the house and it was way off in the far corner of the computer screen.  I was so happy to find it!  I have no idea how that got so so far out there as I would have to scroll out that far to the point I couldnt even see the plan.   Either way it doesnt matter Im just happy I found it, deleted it and now it works!!


Thanks again for all your advice and help! :)

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