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I upgraded to the latest version of CA the other day, and all my library textures went missing - the entire catalog.  So, i simply reinstalled - but that just placed the structure of the library in the folders, but the textures are still missing.


I've installed the core library items 3 times now and the same each time.  I can install bonus catalogs and it works just fine, but the core textures are all missing for me.


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Looking into the Chief folder it appears my core textures are 0 Kb.  That can't be right obviously.  Can I ask has anyone else downloaded the core catalog recently and been successful?  


I'm starting to think this is a problem with those catalogs from Chief and I might need to contact them.


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It looks like those files did not download correctly.  Might be a problem on your system, for example, not having proper file permissions, a full disk drive, something interfering with the download, etc.


See if this article will help:




If all else fails, then contact technical support on Monday during our normal business hours.

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