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I tried uploading my CAD file to HDP, the windows, doors and such didn't convert.  I'm looking for someone who can successfully convert CAD drawings (start with one - the first floor) to Chief Architect, then successfully to HDP.  My dream is that I can become proficient enough to place furniture.  I would like someone to put in things I bought, such as a fireplace mantel and a baby grand to get me started.


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While Chief Premier has a "Cad to Walls" tool I'm not sure if HD PRO has it


this tool has never been that successful - the CAD drawing has to meet certain criteria

and it usually never does


I have been active on this forum since 2005 and this tool is rarely discussed

which means it is rarely used


the recommended method is to scale in the cad floorplan and then start placing walls, doors, windows etc

basically starting from scratch


plans created in Chief Premier can be read/edited by HD versions

IF they are compatible versions

IF the edit flag is set in Chief Premier


to receive better help state which version of HD PRO

and post the CAD file you have


also note: there is the Hometalk forum which is dedicated to the HD products

but PRO users can benefit from following Chieftalk also as PRO has many of the same manual tools

just be sure to mention you use HD PRO when asking questions

and understand the differences between Chief and PRO as not all reply will apply



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Home Designer Pro (or any Home Designer Titles) do not have a "CAD to Walls" tool as Lew mentioned above. In HD Pro you can import a .dwg file from AutoCAD which is as you have seen, purely 2D. After importing it I suggest you trace over the walls using the "Wall Tool" and then manually place the windows, doors, cabinets, and appliances using the corresponding tools in HD Pro again, manually.

If any of us Chief users does this for you, you should expect to exchange for their helping time. And you MUST first tell them what version of HD you are using (year of release and title of the software). If someone uses a newer version of Chief to help you than the software you have, you will NOT be able to then further open or edit the plan file.


That said, let me know if you would like my help, I commonly post and help people at "Home Talk". Once I see the scope of your project I can then give you an estimate of effort to create it for you. ( I know this will probably take several hours to do). I have all versions of Chief Premier since old version 7 (circa 2,000AD) to the present (Version 22 or X12)



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I think I can help you


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