Re-center tool for Room Names?

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Is there any command I'm missing somewhere to "re-center" Room Names?  When I take an As-Built and start modifying walls for a new design, I often get confusing and overlapping room names when I have a lot of small, adjacent rooms.  Sometimes it can even be confusing to figure out which label goes with which room because they take the same name as the last big room before I took out walls.  Obviously I can figure out by size and/or changing the title of the room.  It would save a lot of time in these cases to have a "re-center" option for room names.  Methods might be:  re-center any rooms within a selection rectangle, or a tool to click in each room or selected rooms to recenter, or an option in the Room Spec dbx on the General tab right by where we select the room type to "re-center" the label.  I'll put in a request for this if there isn't any option I'm already missing.


While we're on the subject of Room Name label placement... it always annoys me that the room labels are always set below the vertical center point of the room. I always have to move them up because they look visually "wrong" to me to be below center, like I didn't pay attention when I placed them. I wish we would have a default option as to how our room labels would be placed. I've submitted a request for this before, but If this bothers anyone else, please submit a feature request.

2020 02 23 Recenter RoomName tool.JPG

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