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Help finishing plans for print

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Hello and good day,


I'd like to start a dialog regarding helping me get plans together for print. The site consists of an existing garage and the plans are for attaching a house on a monolithic foundation. This is a single story no basement addition that's pretty straight forward. I have a decent floor plan ,elevation plan, electrical and more. What I'm hoping you could provide is help with the finished product including the fine details of the plans, basically everything I'm lacking. 

Program used: HDP 2020  


Thank you for taking the time to read.



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The only real difference between HD Pro and Chief Premier is their layout files are not compatible with each other (in HD Pro you create a layout  file for each printed page - in Chief Premier the layout has up to 1,000 blank pages for use), so HD pro cannot open and read but one page of a single, Chief Premier produced "layout" file.

It saves tons of time to do the plan layouts in Chief as opposed to HD Pro for this reason, so if you wish to read the plan file and layout files of printed pages, be prepared to pay a lot more for that usability (it takes longer to create 8 layout files as opposed to creating one as in Chief).


That understood, I will be happy to help you. All I need to have is your plan file and you let me know how you want the "layout" sheets handled  and the target print paper size as well as what municipality will be handling your permit submissions please.


You may also need the participation of a local, State Licensed Structural Engineer to obtain a local permit (that depends upon what THEY require)



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