Extending Door Jamb/Window Sill Beyond Main Layer


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My exterior walls typically are 2"x6" stud, sheathing with 2" rigid insulation and 1"x3" strapping then wood siding. The 2"x6" stud wall is on the main layer and everything else I've listed are on the exterior layer. This way when I build the foundation the concrete wall lines up with the 2"x6" wall. The drawback is the door and window casings are drawn on the main layer only with the rigid insulation, strapping and siding standing proud of the casings. I would like the casing at the strapping layer. Is there a way that this can be done and the concrete wall still line up with the 2"x6" wall?


Thanks for any help.

Annotation 2020-02-14 162322.jpg

Annotation 2020-02-14 162514.jpg

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