Where to store custom textures for multiple users


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I work at small design build firm and we are using Chief x11 at this time. There are only two of us using Chief. We often are working on the same project. We are having trouble figuring out where to store custom textures so that they are properly linked no matter which person is working on the file. For example, my coworker made a custom texture and has it stored on her computer. But, when I open the file, the texture is gone, because the link path is pointing to a location on her computer. Is there some way to store the texture in the file? Or should we be adding the texture to our Chief libraries on each computer (and if so, how do you do that)? We also use Google Drive, so perhaps that might provide us with an option. Any tips are appreciated.



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You could use a network Drive and place a Common User library there , though there is a possibility of issues if you both access it at the same time.


Use Google Drive for the common User Library location may work but again there maybe issues especially if the Internet is down or something.


It is easy to make a Plan Material's Folder which can be exported and imported on the other machine or you can just export the individual materials and email them to the other person if needed.




image.thumb.png.812b2a1607e5de6fd07b6053ce5cbebe.png  or  image.thumb.png.359f68c6d7c97da64db3ce3970a5524b.png 

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