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X11 Build

When in 3D view, the materials within the walls/roof show. Some kind of a glitch and I can not figure this one out. Attached is the file. See if it does the same for you. Let me know if you can see what I may have inadvertently done.


Thanks for the help. -Steve


Update: Trying to upload the 12mb file and it gives me this error...

There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200

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I get this error when opening the file now.


c:\p4sync\dev\releases\21\chief\camodel\plan\document.cpp(3361): Warning #272032643

"1080 object(s) are too far away from the origin in "Site Plan2.plan". You can delete them, or try to move them closer to the origin, but they will not keep their position relative to other objects in your plan."

2/3/2020 10:07:49 AM


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13 minutes ago, skirby19 said:

Hopefully this doesn't replicate in the future.


Do you understand the problem? The building was located very far from the origin.




Don't know how or why this happens.


You could also try selecting the structure with Edit Area and use Transform/Replicate to move it to 0,0.

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11 hours ago, skirby19 said:

Ok that does work and yes it moves about 50% of the doors, electrical...Hopefully this doesn't replicate in the future. This is a first.


It's a known problem and is called Z-Fighting , and occurs as Eric pointed out when you draw a Building a LONG way from 0,0  on the coordinate grid ( see your Status Bar.)


to help eliminate the Issue in the future, place a Point in your New Plans Template at 0,0 ( use input point tool )  move the view so the point to the bottom left corner and then save your template. Now when starting a new drawing , you know at a glance you are close to 0,0. and shouldn't have these issues.




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