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Improving work performance for a symbol heavy plan

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I mentioned this while talking with couple of Chief folks at the show and they thought it was a good idea so passing it on.

Recently I was working on a hospital cafeteria that had a lot of symbols with custom textures and it started slogging when working. Set it up  to have 3 plans-one with all the furniture, another without, and one with everything.

I used a reference set to see the symbol plan while working,and for 3D Standard views. Used the complete plan with everything for PBR  and finals. I did have to update the complete plan for finals sent to layout using paste and hold from the furniture plan but I had set all of that on layers designed to allow deleting them first. IF not doing PBR then that step can be skipped, just send referenced views to layout.

It made it all far more manageable.

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What mark is suggesting is a workaround to having proxy models. Mark, I just want to hijack your thread for a sec and encourage people to go chime in about this at my PBR requests thread in the suggestion forum. This really does work and is a great tip.


This was a hot topic at the booth, I got asked this several times as well. +1 to Mark

Along with Mark's tip, I  suggested to set furniture/entourage symbols on a room-by-room layer basis as PBR will only process activated layers...if the geometry isn't there, no processing of said geometry occurs.

Further suggestions were to batch process textures to reduce resolution.

Purge CAD blocks

Purge Macros

Reduce Undos

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