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Further to my previous queries on the weekend, having difficulty in exporting the material/textures into a 3rd party software.


I copied my Core Catalog of the Plan, then exported it to my desktop, but the file format is still a CA file, which Twinmotion doesn't 

recognize and according to the CA manual, "this file can be transfered to any storage device in an operating system window"  


It didn't work for me,


Regards Neil

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The textures should be embedded in the .dae file.  You could re-import back to an empty chief file to check.

What rendering technique did you export from, and were textures turned on ?   Not totally familiar with Twinmotion but have a couple of other apps that I could check the file in if you want to post it.

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I exported the original image while in 3D render mode, this was hi-lighted to me on Saturday.

I have folders showing textures/materials on other projects, these must have been generated 

by CA during exportation!!!!, but not sure.


Basically the Twinmotion image is all white with only one timber trim colour showing.


I re-imported the Twinmotion ( dae.) back into CA, some additional colours came back with it, but no textures. 


Does this help.

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6 minutes ago, NeilofOZ said:

I exported the original image while in 3D render mode,


If it was Standard view with textures displayed you should be good I would think.


Not really sure what quality the Twinmotion .dae files are.  I would test by bringing it straight back into Chief.


You can actually look at .dae files to compare the data but I would not start with an entire house.  Examine a file that is made with a cube that has 6 colors on it and open it with a text editor or ever Note Pad.

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The original question was about the issue of exporting the materials/textures into Twinmotion and the fact that I had done

this, but only as a CA file.


When importing any image into TM, similar to CA, the programme identifies that some finishes are missing and asks for the 

file holding the missing materials/Textures. Just finished a major reno and imported the project into TM and enhanced a lot

of the landscaping with TM, with great effects, all of the original CA finishes were able to be imported into TM, via  a separate 

folder which stored all finishes, I assumed that when exporting a CA library, the file format would be generic, not a CA Plan file. 


So, all i need is to be able to export all materials/textures into a generic folder that can be imported into TM  



See attached files, showing images todate.




Mars House - Chief Architect.png

Mars House - Twinmotion.png

Mars House - Re Imported, dae to CA.png

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Sorry Neil,  I have not been using .dae for a while and forgot there is a separate file of textures that chief will put into the same folder you save the .dae to.  It is really just a bunch of pictures .jpg and maybe some .png


I always thought it just needed to be in the same folder as the .dae but I might be wrong.

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