3D printed houses

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This is a general question to Chief Architect and the community:

Does the Chief Architect software have any compatibility with the giant 3D Printers that are constructing houses?

I've seen several youtube videos of what are essentially CNC/3D Printing machines constructing houses out of a modified concrete mix.

I'm wondering if there is a new wall type in the works that would be compatible or maybe software tweaks?

So far as I can tell, the people building these machines prefer you to buy their product and the software comes with it.

That would be an interesting feature to have in Chief.


If a definite answer does not exist, then I hope this starts a conversation.

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do you have Chief ?

if so, you should update your signature as replies can depend on which version you have


If you have Chief or can download the trial demo

look under MENU - FILE - EXPORT and verify which formats Chief can export

and then which formats those printers need


I know Chief can export .STL files


you could also ask CA's sales team as they love questions like this



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