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I create a wall schedule, and there are wall numbers tagged to walls that didn't show up in my schedule.   Then I looked again.   I had TWO SCHEDULES.    This does not work.    I was about to ask the forum about this, but figured it was a dumb question.    So I checked and found that I'd created a wall schedule already.   When I deleted one of the schedules, all wall numbers reflected what the schedule listed.   Everything worked.   I'm no sure why the second schedule would mess things up.   This seems quirky to me coming from BIM background, where elements hold a unique identifier that does not change no matter how many schedule objects you make.   I think in Chief, it's like the Schedule object scans the drawing, and counts things each time.   So if you make a second schedule, the count could be messed up resulting in weird tags.   Oh well, as long as I know this, I won't make the mistake a second time.

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Each Schedule creates it's own Callouts .......should it work that way is debatable, but that is how Chief does it currently.


Keeping them in a CAD Detail , not "In Plan" is usually the best method as some schedules can/will really slow the Plan down.



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