SSA expired Jul 27, 2017  


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I maybe wrong Antoine , but as far as I know there is only a 90 Day forgiveness Policy on SSA and after that you must Upgrade to the Current version.


However if you upgraded now, it would come with SSA, and you would get X12 in 2020 as part of SSA.


IF you wait and upgrade to X12 next year (March/April?) direct you will have to pay an extra level of upgrade cost    eg rather than X9 to X11 it would be X9 to X12 and I am not sure you would save anything doing that . If you are lucky they might have an Xmas Sale again on Upgrades and New licences so you might be able to save 10%??? and still get X11 and SSA and X12 in March/April or whenever it comes out.



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Thank you for the question.  Once your SSA has expired and a new version has released, standard upgrade pricing will apply.  If you upgrade, it will include 1 year of SSA and this SSA can be renewed when it expires.  Here is a link to our current upgrade pricing.


I hope this answers your question.  Feel free to contact sales if you have any questions at 208-292-3400 or email 


Kind regards,


Derek Pedersen

Chief Architect Sales

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