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materials list: Count not total ft

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I just need the number of planks that have been collapsed in a row, not the total square feet. I feel like there's probably an easy way to do this, but I don't know what it is.





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My issue is that in the Count column it tells me the number of feet instead of the number of planks. The only way I can see is to open expand the collapsed selection and count the deck boards myself. 

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The built in Help system is always a good place to start when you have a question.



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You can change the way deck material are reported, from area, to count, to ...



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      Does anyone know how or where one could set different rebar options for different types of walls, or is the components tab the only place to do this? Example: I have retaining walls that require far more rebar than my default foundation walls. And unfortunately, one cannot copy a component AFAIK.
      Side question: is there a simple automatic way to get no. 4 rebar to report as 10M in a material list? And no. 5 as 15M etc.
      Need to set default pricing for product/materials to use as default template. This way generating my materials list will be quicker.  I do not want to enter vendor specific pricing.  I want to enter labor pricing for specific materials.  I want this to default to my setting per item/sf/etc. each time i choose that template to start a plan. 
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      I am looking for a video I watched a while back that explained how ther Master List worked and what the reason was for the Default column and it's check boxes. Anyone know where this is? Chief streamlined their videos and got rid of MANY of the older videos. Now they are all organized by 28 topics here:
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      None of these videos explain what the Default checkbox option inside the Master List is for. I remember it gave you the option of different master list prices for the same item.
      It might have been a materials and budget demonstration that was part of one of their model home demonstrations, or a marketing video. So I might be screwed and out of luck.