Chief crashes with different monitor resolutions

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I've noticed when I do a demonstration video for clients, I have two monitors open. I change the main 43" monitor resolution to 1080p just for the Screencast movie so the resolution on Youtube isn't crazy and it's easier for the client to view the movie. My second 43" screen remains at 2160p. If I click on an object in my 1080p screen and the dialogue box pops up on the other 2160p screen, it makes Chief crash. The program gets stuck trying to display the dialogue box at a different resolution on the other screen. I tested it by changing the pop up location of the dialogue box to appear on my 1080 screen and it doesn't crash, so it's definitely a bug. Not a big one.


Anyone else notice this?




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No, sorry, I do online meetings all the time with NO crashes at all for years. I have two monitors one is 32" and the second one is a 24". The first thing I would look at is your Video Card software drivers in terms of updating them. If no joy then contact Chief Architect Tech Support to see if they can help.



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