Joining two roofs at ridge

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I want to add a porch and roof and meet an existing root at specific location. How to I specify the specific location?

See attach. I've fixed the location of the dormer. The porch roof (shed type) needs to end here and on top of the porch beam.  The pitch is what ever it needs to be. I tried to specify two pitches on the porch wall, but I don't distance from the porch wall to the a point just in front of the dormer.

I tried to move the baseline up on the main roof thinking Chief would tell me the height and then I could change the ridge height of the porch roof to match. I couldn't get it to work.

Roof Problem.plan

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Draw your roof over the porch dragging it up to meet the roof it needs to connect to. Open the roof plane and set its ridge equal to the fascia top height from the upper roof plane.

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BRILLIANT!!!! That was the ticket. 

Thanks for the quick

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