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  1. EXCELLENT!!!! I was thinking I need to add the countertop to the top of the wall. The countertop is created at the correct position and then I must add the support underneath. I can create the support, first, but I don't connect the two, Chief does. Is there a video on attaching a custom countertop to a half wall? the link you provide shows adding custom countertop to cabinets. Now, I'm having trouble adjusting 1 inch over hang on the front and 6 inch on the back
  2. Dang! Wrong Plan Existing Kitchen.plan
  3. Isnt the wall behind the sink a half wall?
  4. been all through the KB saw creating island, custom countertops, etc. but I can't get my custom countertop on top of the half wall. It is either in front of or behind the half wall...........
  5. how do you put a counterop on a straight half wall? I want to but a 46.5 high by 12 wide counter against the back of my cabinets. I created a straight half wall, set the height to 36.5. added cabinets to the front of that wall with countertop. When I choose the custom countertop tool, I cannot select the top of the half wall. Kitchen.plan
  6. BRILLIANT!!!! That was the ticket. Thanks for the quick
  7. I want to add a porch and roof and meet an existing root at specific location. How to I specify the specific location? See attach. I've fixed the location of the dormer. The porch roof (shed type) needs to end here and on top of the porch beam. The pitch is what ever it needs to be. I tried to specify two pitches on the porch wall, but I don't distance from the porch wall to the a point just in front of the dormer. I tried to move the baseline up on the main roof thinking Chief would tell me the height and then I could change the ridge height of the porch roof to match. I couldn't g
  8. WTH!!!!! Just open the plan and chose Autobuild and it worked. I've been on this for hours and now it works. I'm sure I tried before........ Thanks
  9. How? I did an autobuild and got hips on each wall and couldn't change the wall to a gable
  10. Just trying to draw it in Chief
  11. I'm stumped! be though the videos and google and still can't figure it out. Got a cape cod story and a half with an attached garage. The house has the gables on the end and garage has the gables front and back. The kicker is the garage is connected by an alcove.See the attached. How do i draw the roof? I can't get the roof over the little piece between the garage and the house. Back of the house is one continuous root plane, eve (or hip) side, the back of the garage is a gable The front is two roof planes, one in front of the porch and one on the horizontal wall between the house a
  12. That worked! but why? I exploded the dormer and all appears find. I did get a warning message that If I turn on auto rebuild roof changes will be lost. Thanks for the quick replay
  13. Cannot find walls for the room to which the back of the dormer should connect Chief Architect Premier X10 Build Professional Design & Drafting Software May 31, 2018 Got a story and a half, Roof ignores 2nd floor and raise/lower From Ceiling height 10" Added dormers to front and back. When I add railing around stairs and then open to below I get: Cannot find walls for the room to which the back of the dormer should connect Everything is fine until I created the "open below" and then I loose the dormers. What am I doing wrong.
  14. The railing make more sense. I've not seen a front porch with a half wall like the tutorial since the 1920's 1930's. I kept the ugly half wall and added an opening and adjusted the height of the opening. OBTW started on the roof tutorial and it occurred to me the term Dutch Gable is probably a slight to the Dutch.................... Dutch Date, Dutch Uncle, etc....
  15. I too was working through the tutorial and discovered the same problem. I read through the post and I'm confused. I unchecked the pony wall option and the stairs created an opening, But when I convert to pony wall the opening does not extend through the top creating a square hole. what did you do to fix?