Existing and Proposed Remodeling Plan Walls

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I have a plan where one existing wall will be partially removed.

It will be replaced with a partial knee wall, then the balance will be a beam.

The idea is to open wall between two spaces, the kitchen and the living room.

To attempt this, I created a plan and created two Saved Plan Views and two corresponding Saved Layer Sets.


The first Saved Plan View  is "Floor Plan View Dimensioned Existing".  The corresponding Layer Set is "Floor Plan Dimensioned Layer Set Existing"

The second Saved Plan View  is " Floor Plan View Proposed" and a corresponding Layer Set "Floor Plan Proposed"


Next, I created wall layers and I broke the wall for the Existing plan into several wall sections with each section on a separate layer so each section(s) could be turned on or off in the respective views.  In the Floor Plan Existing, all three of the segments show, and it appears to be a single wall, as it is in real life.
In the Proposed, I turned off the parts of the wall that I was going to replace so those parts of the existing wall would not show in the proposed plan.  So far, so good.
When I tried to create a new wall  in the Proposed plan which would take the place of the  wall segments in the Existing plan,, the walls either want to connect ,overlap, or simply conflict with each other.  There does not seem to be a way to control the different wall layers independently on the different Saved Plan Views or corresponding Layer Sets.  I thought control of the plan components was the idea behind Saved Plan Views  Layer Sets.
The plan is attached.
In the "Proposed Plan, I turned off the wall layers from the Existing Plan that are not supposed to show in the Proposed Plan.  Since I cannot get new walls to work, I drew CAD polylines to show the new walls.  This is ok for 2D, but I will not be able to place electrical outlets on this polyline or have it show in a 3D Overview.

So my question is, how can I keep the entire wall  (and its associated electrical items) in the "Existing" Plan , but replace part(s) of that wall in the "proposed" plan view.  
So far, it appears a single space cannot be occupied by different wall types, and Plan Views and Layer Sets are not independent of each other when it comes to walls.



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Draw the existing plan.  Save it as "existing".  Now open it and save the plan as "new"...or proposed.  Simplify the plan view to just walls/doors/windows....create a "Cad detail from View"....go the this view....select all, change the lines to dashed, change the color to a light gray, block the entire plan and save the block in you library (not really necessary...but, if you ever want to see the existing plan it's quick to grab out of the library...you can always delete it when you are done)


Place the block into your "new" plan....put it on it's own layer...something like "Cad, plan existing"...make sure to set the layer to the "back".


Now you can change walls/windows/doors/cabinets to your hearts desire.  


In X11 you can use a reference set and just reference the "existing plan"...there are videos Chief has on the subject.  

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