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Thanks Eric.  The dormer walls are already connecting to the interior walls as shown in the second image.  I thought CA would fill this in automatically.  I'm not sure I understand what you mean by drawing walls that cover the gap.  There are already walls drawn in these locations.

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Thanks again Eric.  Where did that wall come from?  Is it something you drew or by changing the roof setting it will automatically connect?  Sorry, I still don't follow.  I tried to change the roof settings as you show in your images and the results are still the same.  Would you mind sharing the revised file?  Kevin

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1 minute ago, solver said:

Draw walls that cover the gaps. Set to Roof Cuts Wall At Bottom.


Again, I don't follow.  How can I draw walls over top of existing walls?  Thanks.

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4 hours ago, kwhitt said:

I am attempting to model my first dormer.  I can't get the side walls to connect - see attached.  I would greatly appreciate any help with this.  I have attached the plan file too.  Thanks,  Kevin





You might check out my videos on dormers...this is an oldie but covers a lot.  Hope it helps...dormers can be quite frustrating.  



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