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Hi Chief-aholics,

I have a question for the general audience...

What has been your experience using a MATTERPORT 3D model to create an As-Built floor plan? 

I have been fortunate enough to have a MATTERPORT file for every as-built plan I do lately. It has taken hours off of the process. I no longer need to measure every dimension and draw it in a sketch book, then transfer it to Chief. Now the camera can be set up and dimensions can be taken from it as we are creating the model. In the attached files I wanted to give you an idea of my process for making these as-builts. Please let me know your thoughts. One day we will have robots doing all this for us, but until then, we still need to quickly turn around as-built plans before we can move on to proposed plans. (For obvious reasons).

(Also, I'm not affiliated with MATTERORT in any way. I'm not trying to sell something here, it just seems like a valuable tool. Seriously, let me know if there is a better way).


1. Take MATTERPORT of the entire interior space. Also take exterior camera shots because MATTERPORT doesn't do that well.

2. Measure to confirm dimensions,  Assess services (Gas, Elect. HVAC, Watse, ect...) , framing and foundation size and condition.

3. Create model of the structure including; foundation, wall/floor/roof framing, floor and plot plan,materials, etc...

4. Send several iterations of the proposed project to the client until we get it right. 

5.  Create the plan set.

6. Submit to Engineering/building department.

This is obviously simplified, but you get the idea.


The files I am attaching are from a tricky project. It has 6 different levels. 

I used the MATTERPORT floor plan and imported into the plan file. I resized it to scale and then drew over it. Then in the 3D view of MATTERPORT I was able to measure the elevation changes between rooms.


This is definitely not the best way to create an as-built but it has worked great so far compared to the old fashion method.

Does anybody have a better system? I look forward to the lively debate.



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