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Hi All, I am trying to achieve a ray trace with a tree in the foreground that sort of frames the picture. Attached is an example of my goal- I did not create the attached jpg. I am getting close by placing a tree close to the camera but mostly out of view, but every tree I have tried is blurry. See the saved camera in the attached file. Then I place another big tree closer to the house to create a shadow on the house/driveway. I will crop that tree out of the final picture. Are there any trees CA has that you recommend for close-up high resolution (5500x3200 pixels) ray trace? I found a thread from the old Chief Talk where they had a similar problem and Larry Kumpost  suggested a high res tree, but I don't know where to find one. Here is the old thread Thank you in advance!



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18 minutes ago, LeeDrafter said:

Thank you in advance!

I would suggest using a 3d tree from the bonus catalog, free with SSA.

Alternatively, you can turn any image into a tree if it is a PNG with no fill in the background.Do a google search. build/image/create image- load your tree texture.

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alternatively you could add a hanging tree png in a photo editing program, not a real good example was a 30 second job importing images in layout but you get the idea.


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Thank you both, these are great suggestions! I will try all of these methods. I don't have experience with photo editing, but I am starting to dabble in GIMP to crop my renderings to specific sizes, so I have some more learning to do :). Thanks again

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