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I am updating my existing (user made) library items to more accurately reflect the standards required by the NY Dept. Of Buildings.
All of the objects are in the "User" section of the Library.

The question is what happens to a plan file and/or layout if I delete a library object?
Is the plan file/layout  affected so the library object will no longer appear in the plan and a blank space will appear?
Or, can I safely delete all of the now unwanted library items and my plans and layouts remain unchanged?


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Deleting objects has no affect. Deleting textures does.

How far upstate? Middle of Hudson Valley here, though movers are here today and will be homeless for 3 weeks after this Friday then back near here-New Paltz.

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Thanks!  I thought that might be the case, but I did not want to have to undo the deletions from the library if it was not.

I am in the beautiful.Town of Newburgh.  I built some homes in New Paltz a few years back on Terbar Loop.

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