Editing how a 3D Symbol Displays in 2D


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Good Afternoon,


On a project I'm currently working on the garage door displays as such. image.thumb.png.9724643b8ec3fdbb80e8c34e493975c4.png However, I would like it to display like thisimage.thumb.png.715ccc46ac317d5679a0b64cd66bc92b.png in order to match other drawings I've done for this company. Is there any way to edit the cad block of the garage door without changing how the garage door shows up in 3d?  


Thanks for the help!



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Doors don't really have a 2D cad block. Several things you could try...   Create a special "Garage Doors" layer and turn it off in plan view and insert your own label and cad block. However this creates several problems like not being able to select or edit the door in that view.  Turn off "Garage Doors" layer in plan view and insert your own symbol of a different type that has a 2D cad block associated with it. Same issues as above plus having to get a good placement and adjust accordingly.  Maybe the simplest thing would be to create a cad block that would mask chief's outline and provide the cad representation you need all at the same time.


Here is another similar situation that my give you a few ideas.



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