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Is there any EASY way to shrink the actual square footage of a plan already completed, Edit all floors converting it to a symbol does not work  I am trying to go from about 4500 sqft  to approx. 3200 sqft.  of the house verses just moving one wall in enough to reduce the square footage , just trying to make it work without totally redrawing. I understand i have to move some walls manualy like bathrooms walls and other to meet clearance i know this had been asked before just wondering if anyone has an automatic easy answer to scale it down 

Thank you in advance 
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You can use EDIT ALL FLOORS to complete the process a little easier. 


For instance, if you want to take a 36" section out of the middle...

1 - draw a 36" rectangle and drag it through the area to slice out

2 - select the edit all floors tool and use it to delete everything in that rectangle

3 - now, use the same tool to select everything on one side of the now cut in two plan and using point to point move, drag the areas together.


If you have used everything right the roof and foundation, as well as the floor plan should be ready to fine tune.


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