Strange behavior with balusters


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As usual, I feel I'm missing something obvious for you pro's.


I need to change the balusters on an existing stair railing and I get the attached result.  I tried to search the forum for previously reported issues but got nothing.snip_20190810140724.thumb.png.0f828a880ec4261f9bd657041bb89680.png


I tried X10, just in case, with same results.  I then started with a blank plan and edited the default baluster and I get the same duplicated parallel railing result.  It's the same result regardless of what I select from the library.


OK, tell me, what did I miss?

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29 minutes ago, solver said:


Attaching a sample plan ...

Here's the sample plan, but anyone could simply go to defaults, change the balusters to whatever and see the results in 3D preview.  When troubleshooting, I try to bring it back to the bare bones to eliminate as many personalizations as possible.


Now, what am I missing? ;)


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Thanks Solver & Kenoeightspot,  a step in the right direction.


The side effect of this approach is that not all balusters anchor down on the stairs.  I guess this reflects a panel's behavior.


An option could be to use a bottom rail, but that's not the standard look I'm looking for.  So why can't I simply change the baluster with another baluster symbol from the library?

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