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Has anyone using a MAC been able to successfully export a DAE from CA and then import that DAE into Twinmotion? On my MacBook Pro (max spec 2017 model) Twinmotion crashes every time on the DAE import. 


I found a post on the Twinmotion website that this was a known bug with SKP and DAE with Macs, but I found another subsequent post claiming the issue was fixed with a May update. 


3DS import works to get a model in, but the model seems kinda messy (too many surfaces, some object missing). 

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FWIW, a new update to Twinmotion was released yesterday (8/13) that appears to solve the DAE import problem on Macs. Supposedly has a number of other stability enhancements. 


I was able to import a fairly large chief model via DAE, and it looks completely correct. (With the 3DS import of the same model a number of surfaces were missing). 


Next step is try Twinmotion with an eGPU on my Macbook...

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