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7 minutes ago, djhplanning said:

keep an exterior sliding glass door from showing up on the window schedule and also on the door schedule?




If you are seeing something different, maybe post a simple plan demonstrating the problem.

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24 minutes ago, Joe_Carrick said:

Open the Schedule you don't want it to show on and uncheck it in "Items to Include".

Thanks Joe, this worked to uncheck the sliding glass door off of the items to include.  I would normally include exterior patio doors in the window schedule because they are normally supplied by the same window manufacture as the other windows.  But in this case I also have an outswing French door in a different level of the house.  It would be nice to also have that option for outswing French doors as well and not only for sliding glass doors.

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1 hour ago, solver said:


What is a "door tag"?


The default door schedule uses a D prefix on the number, and the window schedule uses a W prefix so they show differently in plan.



Thanks Solver,


A door tag is what Chief calls a label on the floor plan.  I like to use a number for my windows (when I use Chiefs window schedule).  If I don't use Chiefs window schedule, I just show a generic window size on the floor plan (i.e. 2'6"x4'-0"). For doors, I usually show the door label on the floor plan i.e. 2668 (2'-6" wide by 6'-8" high) and don't even use Chiefs door schedule.  For a current project, I did need to use the door schedule because I needed to show an exterior out-swing French which will not go to a window schedule.  I like to keep things simple and have sometimes used letters before for door labels.  I don't like using the default D and W before the label because the symbol gets to big (because I like to keep all of my text, including labels the same 5" size).  Apparently numbers is the only option for both window and door schedules. 

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