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Hi everyone;


I am looking for some advice from the community regarding a thorough tutorial on custom roofs. I have gone through all the video tutorial on Chiefs website and I am still not getting this right. Any advice appreciated.

I am using Chief Architect X10. 






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Yes, I want to use a shed style roof on a split level story and half structure. They never seem to intersect in the right way and I am certain it is because i do not understand the fundamental ways that Chief is constructing them. I end up with walls that do not form over roofs etc. 

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OK, this is crude but hopefully it shows what i am trying to accomplish. I have not built the foundation yet but the idea is three interlocking squares on a diagonal with a rise in between each "square level" of the house. I am certain I am out of my depth with this design but i really do not know of any other way to learn . 

InkedSquares 1_LI.jpg

exp squaresa.plan

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yes i have tried auto building it and that does not quite work so I have been thinking I should do manual and have tried that on few other iterations but I just think I am not skilled enough to pull it off without either reading something or watching some more tutorials. What you sent looks right,  May I ask what settings you used?

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Thank you ! These are now in my favorites tabs because i will be referencing back to them often. This does indeed get me to where i want to be. Very much appreciate the time you have taken to help me.


All the best


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10 hours ago, solver said:

Auto Roofs


Watch on YouTube:


 to you get the "green" fill in your roof planes.  I've searched...and have not been able to duplicate.  I know I can give a roof plane a "fill" after the plane is drawn...but, I like how your roof planes are filled as you are creating them.



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5 minutes ago, solver said:


It's just the Selection Fill color.


OK...well, my "fill" wasn't working for some odd reason.  I changed the color and "boom"...all fixed.  Must've been a Chief gremlin.  


thanks very much.  And your roof videos are fantastic...I always learn something. 

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