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System crashed and I had to reinstall everything.  Now Im customizing everything to my liking since its the right opportunity to do it fresh again. 


In the preference tab you have the colors dbx for background and colors for the dashboard.  When you click on the arrow key you can adjust colors for the grid lines.  When I make an adjustment to the colors in preferences they stay default, when I make changes to the arrow key grid lines they change back to prior settings when opening another plan.  Can I keep the grid line color adjustments on preferences too?



I havent had to do these small tasks in over a decade so Im forgetting the small stuff.



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Those settings for the grids are defaults - not preferences, and as such, have to be saved in your template plan if you want a new plan to have those settings.

Same applies to all the default settings (as opposed to Preferences which aren't saved in the plan but are remembered by the program).

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