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Just upgraded to Chief 11 from 10. Now when I switch views ( Floorplan to elevation/ camera etc.) the cursor only appears outside the floorplan. I have to shut down and re start. Mouse driver is up to date. Anyone had this problem?

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Hi MagStew, just to let you know I have resolved.

Chief got back to me to confirm this is a drivers update.

I had to manually update drivers, followed a you tube video which explained that the computer (windows software for some reason does not always update to latest drivers even when requested.

So manually updated from NVIDIA and downloaded.

Bit of muckin around..

Interestingly enough because my computer can use on board graphics or the NVIDIA chip it defaulted to the onboard (lower grade) graphics card.

Hence had to do some check/uncheck boxes to get the chief software to use the NVIDIA.

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