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Just wanted to let you know that with the new licensing, upgrades, the product key for the upgraded license is the same as the previous one.

What does this mean for you?

If both versions are installed in the same computer you can still run both versions side to side

If you got a new computer and only installed the upgraded version, the old version won't run on the old computer if the upgraded version is "active" on the new computer

If you move from location to location i.e Office, Home, field and have the software installed in three different computers (or more) and you'd like to use the old version for archiving purposes, or need to open an old job, the upgraded version will have to be deactivated from wherever it is active. (before one could just use its own "old" key for this) while keeping the other running (working at the office, etc.).


Tech support claimed that they made these changes because "we" the users complained that there were too many license keys to remember! That did not work on our favor at all!

Even though the EULA said that one would have to stop using the old version after it was upgraded (which made no sense) because of old projects, old plans, etc.


Anyway, there it is! Enjoy!! 


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this is one reason why I always bought the hardware lock


then CA could never turn it off by changing policy


this is why I am staying with X9  for all my personal family history projects


I can do this because I am retired and I don't need to stay current


I do have X10 and X11 and if I should need some feature(s) that X9 doesn't have I can 

use it for a copy of that plan or migrate just that one plan forward



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