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I have a two story colonial with staircase to the attic.
When I clicked on "auto stairwell" for the staircase to the attic, I got a message saying Chief could not find the attic floor.
Since this area will have a floor but no eve walls, I want the roof to build on the top plates of the second story.
The floor joists for the attic will be 40# LL, 12# DL since it will be eventually finished into a recreation room.

Should I build a 3rd floor and set the ceiling height to 11-7/8" ( Using I Joists), then build the roof on the second floor, or
Build the roof on the second floor, then add the 3rd floor and let it use the default ceiling height?

Or is there another way to do this so I don't burst out into my normal Chief Architect rant when I click something and everything else gets screwed up?

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The Attic level is a special level in CA , so best to build a 3rd floor and either "ignore the 3rd level" for the Roof or set the height to Floor Height plus a plate , then turn off the Auto Roof and set the Room height back to 8'  for a flat Ceiling.


The KB has several Tutorials on this , either about a CapeCod Roof or a 1 1/2 storey as it is Called there.... except you are 2 1/2 storey's if you will...


Lots of good Info in the KB (FAQ)....






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