Roof & ceiling questions

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This is a nonstandard building, i.e. not a house
Drop ceilings at 9' and 16'
The two roofs slopes to rear at 1/4" per foot.
Taller roof baseline is 16' AFF
Lower roof baseline is 12' AFF
There is another low roof under the 16' roof that pops out from under it.

So should I set the ceiling height at 16' and No flat ceiling?
And add roof planes at the desired heights.
Set the Roof plane Structure to reflect a built-up roof? 2" pan & 8" insulation Roof surface TPO
Add bar joist manually.

Just wanted to confirm that this is the best approach.
I have tried the second-floor technique used by Joe but I can not manage that well.

Thanks for your input.

va z hills revised plan.pdf

va z hills section.pdf

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You may need to set all your rooms to have no ceiling and then manually add ceiling planes for the variations.

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