Zebrawood flooring

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I'm looking for a high quality image of Zebrawood flooring.

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    • By Janeldesigner
      I am trying to figure out how much wood floor to order for a job.  When i go to the materials list - the wood flooring category calculates the space by "ft" not Sq.Ft. which is not accurate.  So how do i change the calcualtion to be done as sq.ft. and not ft?
    • By ericepv
      Does anyone have a high quality image of Zebrawood flooring?
    • By craboulas
      Hi guys,
      I was trying to get quantities of flooring materials with the materials list (wood, tile, etc) and noticed that CA is just giving me total areas. Shouldn't it be taking out area of the footprint of cabinets, tubs, etc?
      Is there anyway to accomplish this without having to spend a bunch of time with floor material areas?
    • By nospampeople
      Is it not possible to import an image of a floor plan into the Room Planner app to trace it when adding rooms and furniture?
      I tried the demo version of the app, and couldn't find a way to do that, and then I read the website and thought it said that this was a paid feature.  I went ahead and paid for the app, and then realized I misread the part of the website that actually said "Use for Remodeling & Real Estate to get as-built measurements or floorplans; then, import into Chief Architect software for additional design detail."
      I really hope I am just overlooking something, because it seems really inconvenient to create a floorplan without having a reference image to trace...
      It seems like this is an option in some of the other software you offer:
      Tracing Over an Imported File to Create a 3D Floorplan