x10 Frieze Board Displaying Problems


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I'm having trouble getting frieze boards to display properly when I have a large gable end roof with a dormer built in close to the edge. If I disconnect the valley of the two roofs the frieze board will display. Otherwise the frieze is cut off below the roof connection. The zipped file is attached with the dormer valleys disconnected so the gable frieze boards display properly. If you reconnect the valleys the frieze board is cut off on the gable below the connection of the roofs.


Thanks for your help.

Morical Project.zip

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Frieze boards are a bit buggy sometimes.


If you unlock the Roofs, Trim layer in the view you are working in, you can manually change the molding polyline that is creating the frieze.


Sometimes a cut, then a paste/hold position will get them to generate correctly. Sometimes you must grab the end handle and move it.


The soffit is also sticking out -- something I've reported multiple times. Don't know how to fix it.



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12 minutes ago, joestilwell95 said:

Odd because I have had this problem on a variety of plans. Unlocking the Roof, Trim layer did allow me to correct most of the frieze issues but some of the soffit is short as well. I sent to tech support, I'll report back what they find.


I tried downloading the File again and even restarting my Computer and it continues to happen, not sure which CA you have as you haven't filled in your Sig. ( see mine for how) but it happens in two different versions of CA , almost immediately on opening the Plan.....


@solver          Eric didn't mention it though which i guess means not everyone is experiencing it....


Include the error pic above for tech support if you haven't as there is no reporting button on this error like some....

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