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Hi everyone, its certainly been a while. I retired a few years ago and just offered to help my town design their new Public Safety building, only to realize my software key is broken. I heard that there may be some available out there so I am here asking... I wish I had the desire or need to upgrade, really like the new features added. CA is a great solution and I did very well with it back in the day.

thanks for your time


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Sorry, but I already donated mine


If someone donates they should only ask for $5-$8 to cover shipping


You could consider looking on Ebay - you might find one there


create a search and then save it and you will get an email each time an auction/sale starts



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Unfortunately, I am in the process of moving to a new house right now. Everything is in shambles. Boxes literally  stacked to the ceiling! Out of town right now packing up more stuff.  After viewing your pic it seems like I remember seeing them in a desk drawer, not in a box... Will check when I get back.. Should know by first of next week... Hope I can help you out.  

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