White layer under roof and what can break it?

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Anyone have ideas as to what can cause the underside of this roof to expose the plywood?

The white layer is missing in various locations.

I found that lengthening the roof (in the out-of-the-screen direction) rectifies the issue but then the right side of the gabled roof is longer than the left.


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Looks like you’re not using the “join roof” tool and instead are just joining the roof planes in plan view. 

This is also why you are getting those “soffit/fascia” flying out into space elsewhere in your attached photo. 


Roofs also need walls to properly join under them. If walls are not aligned all the way down to your foundation you can get freakish results. 


Also try to use attic walls to fill up your gables, don’t just drag the walls that are on the floor below to fill up the space. Attic walls allow for frieze and shadow boards to behave properly. 

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