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Hello, can I get some help on the following question please?  I can not seem to get the "Stop At Ceiling Above" function to work as I think it should.  In my mind it tells me that using this function the wall should extend to the ceiling that is directly above it.  In the attached plan I'm trying to make a vaulted ceiling with the walls on the end of the vaults to extend to the top of the ceiling and it doesn't want to do that.  I can get it to go to the top but then it extends into the rafter space and since we use trusses I don't want anything in the rafter or truss cavity area since that keeps the model clean for the construction drawings.  The ceiling plane itself is also not 100% right because the inside height needs to be 109-1/8" but I need to set the outside height to that measurement to get it close.  Appreciate your help in advance!  Sorry the plan is messy, just starting out on the construction drawings. 


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6 hours ago, solver said:

Try dragging the edge of the ceiling plane over the top of the wall.


This is the trick.

BUT, you have the Walls, Main Layer Only checked so that in plan you are not dragging the ceiling over the whole wall, you are only dragging it over the main layer, so that the main layer is stopping at the ceiling and the wall lining is continuing up to the roof.

So, in your plan Blue Print layer set, make sure layer Walls, Main Layer Only is unchecked.

Then drag the ceilings over the walls to the outside of the wall lining.


I opened Eric's plan and it didn't seem to show the walls continuing up as required.


Just as a heads up, the Stop At Ceiling Above setting is used when you have different height flat ceilings either side of the wall.

It causes the wall to only build up to the lower ceiling of the two and not to the higher ceiling.


Oh, another thing, you ceiling planes are not meeting properly at the apex.

They appear to join in plan, but are not joining properly in section view - the apex of the ceiling planes are at different heights.

You should use the Join Roof Planes tool to join them properly.


Just one other thing that I found confusing is that you have an arrow with the text "Ceiling Slope" - there is no indication as to wether the slope is up or down.

For me, I would expect the arrow to point down the slope (as for a roof), not up the slope.


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Thanks for your reply and hints, much appreciated!!

If the stop at ceiling above setting only makes the wall go up to the lower ceiling is there a way that you can balloon it through to the next ceiling and (not above that to the roof structure)?   I can make it work with a work around but I find I have to clean up a lot of walls for the cross sections in the construction drawings. 

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This is kind of what I am after; an open area in the attic with only trusses and no actual walls.  I can get this accomplished if I stretch the ceiling past the interior walls but as soon as the ceiling plane comes close to the wall it snaps to the stud area and the wall below shoots up to the roof.  I tried to create a separate wall for only these applications (vault wall) and change the "building platform to exterior layer" to the drywall hoping that that would change the snapping behavior but it did't work.  Does anyone have an idea why my ceiling won't snap to the outside of the wall below and not have the wall underneath go too far?  Appreciate the help!

Capture 6.PNG

Stop_Ceiling_@_Wall_Above (eric) a.plan

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