Stuck on TDC & Need Design Assistance


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I’ve been noodling the design for too long and it’s time to get some help.


I’m remodeling a 1971 single story modular home.  I’d like to update the floor plan and want to develop a single story option and a 1.5 story option.  I’ve created alternatives for both, but I’m spending more time learning(/struggling with) the CA/HDPro package than makes sense. 


I have an:

As built, which is probably nearly useless as the place is already gutted

Single Story option (3Bd/2Ba)

1.5 story option (5Bd/3Ba)

Both designs will have clear span trusses/cathedral ceilings over the living/dining/kitchen space. I want to lose the modular look of the shallow slope roof (it needs to be replaced anyway). I’m fine with moving walls, doors, windows etc. 


I need someone to review my floor plans, recommend changes, and then build the floor plan files that I can reload into HDPro.  I’m looking for Best Use of Space in both plans and some wow-factor in the main living and master spaces.  It might be best to start over on the floor plans as I have several errors that I can’t easily work out.  I’ll generate plans for my CTR to estimate each & choose which one to move forward with finishing out the details – to be done by the pro too downstream.  I’m still deciding if I want to keep the house, rent it or sell it when I’m done, so would love to see some of the cost-effective wiz-bang things you’ve come across recently.


I’d really like someone that has done some construction so that there is field experience brought to the table along with the design skills.


Any interest?  If so, what’s your schedule look like and please give me an expectation for costs.   I expect this to be iterative.


I may end up throwing up my hands and just having someone take me through plans, but for now, just help me get off of top dead center.


I’m going to try to load the HDPro files if I can figure that out, but otherwise, the PDF should help. (It appears they loaded)




CAHDPro Ronald Dr-As Built.plan

CAHDPro Ronald Dr-1lvl.plan

CAHDPro Ronald Dr-2lvl.plan

CAHDPro Ronald Dr-As Built_1lvl & 2lvl Plans.pdf

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Thanks to those that responded so far, both here and in PM.  Looking over the options now....  I'd like to kick this off early this coming week and have plans before the end of week.  My CTR is waiting on me right now.



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